Debating can play an extremely useful role in the development of students in their adolescent years. It improves their analytical ability and capacity to make a critical evaluation of different issues and varying viewpoints. Debating also stimulates an awareness of local, national and international problems and controversies, greatly adding to general knowledge and broadening of the mind.

Other benefits of debating include opportunities for team work and peer support, encouragement of acceptance of diversity among students and people generally, and the development of better time management skills.

At present the Academy participates in three debating competitions. The most important is the Debaters Association of Victoria Schools Competition, one of the most prestigious in the world, which involves over a hundred schools and thousands of students. We also participate in the Galway Association Debating Competition with a number of schools in our region. Finally there is the DAV Year 7 and 8 Debating Programme, which initiates younger students into the mysteries of the craft.