Some Year 12 students will be expected to attend holiday classes scheduled on Monday the 3rd of July and Wednesday the 5th of July. These classes have been deemed necessary by the subject teacher in order to complete the IB/VCAA curriculum, revise and clarify key points and complete time consuming tasks.

The importance and benefit of this period is paramount. Content covered is directly related to examination content so attendance has been made compulsory for all students who take the listed subjects.

Sessions will begin at 10:00 AM and run for 90 minutes. It is imperative that students are prompt. Whilst students are not required to wear school uniform, they are expected to dress in a manner that represents the ethos of the school. Female students are expected to wear a hijab.


Term 2 Holiday Classes for Year 12

Monday 3 July, 2017

10:00am - 11:30am VCE Chemistry with Mrs.Khalil T20
10:00am - 11:30am IB ITGS  Ms. Bozkurt L6
10.00am - 11:30am IB Chemistry Mr. Taher T19
11:45am - 1.15pm VCE Accounting Mr. Marshall T25
11.45am - 1.15pm VCE Maths Methods Mr. Taher T19

Wednesday 5 July, 2017

10:00am - 11:30am VCE Chemistry Ms. Khalil T20
10:00am - 11.30am IB ITGS Mr. Bozkurt L6