Year 10 and Year 11 2017

Examination dates: Friday 26th May to Friday 2nd June
Venue: Academy Hall
Reading time: 8:50am – 8:55am
Writing time: 8:55am – 10:55am
Other instructions: Periods 4 – 7 as per main timetable

Year 10 Timetable

Friday 26th May Language and Literature
Monday 29th May  Individual and Societies
Tuesday 30th May Science
Wednesday 31st May Religious Education
Thursday 1st June Language Acquisition
Friday 2nd June Mathematics

Year 11 Timetable


Friday 26th May

IB English

VCE English

Monday 29th May

IB Chemistry

VCE Business Management
VCE Chemistry

Tuesday 30th May
(Afternoon Session)

IB Arabic
IB French
IB Indonesian (Ab inition and B)

VCE Legal Studies
VCE Math Methods

NB: 9 VCE GM students will not sit for an exam on this day.

Wedneday 31st May

IB History
IB Psychology

VCE Accounting
VCE History
VCE Psychology

Thursday 1st June

IB Biology
IB Physics

VCE Biology
VCE Texts and Traditions

NB: 9 VCE General Math students will not sit for an exam on this day. 

Friday 3rd June

IB Mathematics
IB Mathematical Studies

VCE General Mathematics

Year 12

To be published.