Based on the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our Academy (AlA) together with other Islamic Schools/ Colleges in Australia declare and affirm the following:

  • We promote peace and understanding through interfaith and intercultural interactions.
  • We teach the children in our schools to be proud Australians and be model citizens, to participate positively in building a prosperous, harmonious and safe society in Australia.
  • We teach the children in our schools to respect the rights of others and to understand the different backgrounds and religions of Australia's multicultural society.
  • We teach our children about the rights of their neighbours and their entitlement to respect, to care and to protect their property and persons.
  • We are committed to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in approaching one another in love and understanding, humility and self-criticism, rationality and reasonability, with open hearts and open minds in the pursuit of peace.
  • We stand against those who preach violence and hatred in the name of any religion, including Islam.
  • We stand against those who preach violence and hatred against
  • Muslims and the religion of Islam.
  • We do not condone the taking of innocent life or the threat of such in order to promote a cause.
  • We reject and condemn all violent acts that target civilians, children, and old people in order to promote a cause because it is against Islamic principles.
  • As Australian citizens or residents of Australia, we stand to defend our country Australia from any form of aggression at all times.
  • We believe that the interest of the Muslim community in Australia can be met through the existing democratic systems of governance which adopts the principles of equal rights for all, the rule of law, freedom of religion & belief and, freedom of speech. We adhere to and support all the above mentioned Australian Principles and Values.