Service as Action (SA) is a required component of IBMYP and its aim is to develop internationally minded individuals who can recognize their shared common humanity and responsibility to take care of the planet. It is also to connect what is learned in school to the real world.

The ultimate aim as a school and community is to create life-long memories and experiences that lay the foundation for future learning. It provides students with opportunities for helping the school, local, and international communities and it also:

  • Helps students apply academic, personal, and social skills to improve community.
  • Develops an awareness to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Encourages responsible citizenship by increasing students understanding of the world.
  • Allows the student to discover new skills, talents, and interests.
  • Helps students develop as leaders who take initiative.

Services as Action Handbook (PDF)

IB Service Ladder (DOC)