• Each VCE unit includes a set of two to four specific outcomes set by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).
  • Each outcome is described in terms of key knowledge and skills students are required to demonstrate.
  • To satisfactorily complete a unit, a student has to demonstrate that they have achieved the set outcomes that are specific for the unit. In other words, students must demonstrate that they have an understanding of the knowledge and the skills that have been taught within a specific unit.
  • If a student fails to achieve the set outcomes for the unit, the student cannot be considered to have satisfied the requirements of the unit; therefore, the student receives `N’ (not completed satisfactorily) for the unit and this unit will not be counted towards the VCE.
  • Only units for which an `S’ (completed satisfactorily) has been awarded can count towards the 16 units required for the award of the certificate.

School-Assessed Coursework (SACs)

  • School-Assessed Coursework (SAC’s) are appropriate learning activities which enable students to develop the knowledge and skills described in the set of outcomes for each unit.
  • The activities are tasks that a student would be expected to be doing in relation to what they are studying. These activities may include: practical work, written reports, essays, oral presentations, poster and multimedia presentations, assignments, folio of exercises, modelling activities, use of computer software and/or applications, tests, etc.
  • School-Assessed Coursework tasks will be mainly undertaken during class time and within a limited time. This is necessary to enable teachers to authenticate the work undertaken by students.