Chess is regarded both as a sport and a game, which requires endurance and logical thinking skills. The aim of the chess programme is to provide students with the opportunity to develop:

  • The understanding of the mechanics of Chess
  • The importance of forward planning
  • The planning and execution of different strategies
  • The development of logical and progressively in depth thinking
  • The importance of peer learning/support
  • The understanding of the dynamics and importance of team unity
  • The acceptance of diversity amongst students

Chess Club runs every Friday at lunchtime. Currently we have about 48 students in the chess club from years 6 - 12. These students come along to either learn how to play or to challenge others in chess tournaments.

AIA competes in competitions, particularly the Darebin region, throughout the year in tournaments; often against 3 or 4 other schools renowned for the chess prowess.

Click on the Facebook links below of our students competiting in competitions:


For the first time Ilim College competed in a Galway chess competition, which was held here, at AIA. Played in great...

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Chess State Finals Middle Years AIA had the honour of hosting the Middle Years State Chess Finals (Years 6 to 9), from...

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