Year 12 Examination Timetable 2019

To be published. 

Year 10 and Year 11 2019 Semester 1

Examination dates: Thursday 23rd May to Thursday 30th May
Venue: Academy Hall
Reading time: 8.40am-8.45am
Writing time: 8.45am – 10:45am
Other instructions: Students are dismissed at the end of each exam. Students must make arrangements to be picked up or go home by public transport after the conclusion of the exams.

Year 10 Timetable

Thursday 23rd May Language and Literature
Friday 24th May Individual and Societies
Monday 27th May Science
Tuesday 28th May Religious Education
Wednesday 29th May Language Acquisition
Thursday 30th May Mathematics
Friday 31st May Catch-up day for MISSED EXAMS



Year 11 Timetable


Thursday 23rd May

IB English

VCE English

Friday 24th May

IB Chemistry
VCE Business Management
VCE Chemistry
VCE Psychology

Monday 27th May


IB Biology
IB Physics

VCE Legal Studies
VCE Physics
VCE Biology
VCE Global Politics


Tuesday 28th May

IB History
IB Psychology

VCE History
VCE Maths Methods

Wednesday 29th May

IB Arabic 
IB French
IB Indonesian (Ab initio and B)

VCE General Math

Thursday 30th May

IB Mathematics
IB Mathematical Studies

VCE Text and Tradtions
VCE Studio Arts


Friday 31st May

Catch-up day for MISSED EXAMS



At AIA school-assessed examinations are a component of the overall assessment for students in Years 10 and 11 and are one of the requirements of the school’s Promotion Policy. During examinations, students are to conduct themselves in a manner which:

    · does not disrupt other students from completing the examination;

    · does not bring into question their academic honesty and integrity.

All students will be advised of the requirements for conduct during examinations via Year Level Assemblies.



Students are required to observe the following rules for School-Assessed Examinations (Year 10 & 11).

    1. Students must obey and observe all instructions and directions given by the supervising teacher.

    2. No student may communicate with another student while the examination is being conducted.

    3. Each student must have all the necessary materials to complete the examinations. Any materials (loose notes, books, notebooks, etc.) that are not required during the examination must be placed in a section of the room that has been set aside for this purpose.

    4. Students are not permitted to assist another student, or allow another student to copy, or accept assistance from another student. Cheating is a serious breach of policy.

    5. Students must stop writing when the signal to do so is given.

    6. Students must sit quietly and remain in their seats until all the examination papers have been collected. The supervising teacher will dismiss students from the examination room.

    7. Students behaving in a manner that causes annoyance or interference to other students may be removed from the examination room.

    8. Students, who due to illness, are absent on the day of an examination, must present a medical certificate immediately on return to school – minor illness will not be an acceptable reason to miss an examination.


Breach of examination rules:

Students breaching examination rules will be referred to the Head of Senior School. The Head of Senior School may impose any of the following penalties:

    · Reprimand the student.

    · Cancel the student’s examination mark for the section of the examination for which the breach of rules has occurred.

    · Cancel the student’s examination and therefore the student’s entire examination grade.

In addition to the above penalties, the Head of School retains the discretion to suspend the student from the Academy.