At Australian International Academy we believe that the student achievement is maximised by academic and emotional support provided by teachers and parents. At the Melbourne Senior Campus each year level from year 6 to 12 is allocated with a year level coordinator. Each year level is the divided into form groups where a form teacher is assigned for each form. The main duties of form teachers and level coordinators are to support students, parents and teachers so that positive learning environment is maintained at all times. Students can approach their form teacher and level coordinator for any matter that is of concern which needs resolving. Year level coordinators work with teachers to make certain that all students are supervised in and out of class and their school work along with any other school activity is monitored so that along with academic and personal development, the safety and welfare of each student is maintained.

There are instances where a more specialised assistance may be required for some students. AIA has appointed two counsellors, one male and one female for students to discuss and resolve issues hindering their emotional wellbeing. Also we have appointed a careers/course counsellor to advise students regarding their course choices and pathways beyond year 12. For each student there are many support personnel to assist them along their schooling. These are their Form teacher, year level coordinator, student counsellor, careers/course advisor, Assistant Head of School and Head of School.


Year 6 Ms Shahana Siddiqui
Year 7 Ms Sawsan Alshakshir
Year 8 Mr Daniel Ibrahim
Year 9 Mrs Gerald Walkey
Year 10 Mrs Hend Eissa
Year 11 Mr Elvedin Corhodzic
Year 12 Ms Moustafa Elakkoumi
Careers Advisor Mr Rahil Khan
Student Counsellor Mr Belal Assaad
Psychologist Ms Ceril Gocuk


The Secondary Campus provides student welfare assistance to students, staff and the community in part through the National Chaplaincy Program. Sh. Abdel Nasser Saleh and Mr Belal Assaad are available for advice and support for personal spiritual issues under conditions of strict confidentiality. Their assistance is voluntary and they may be approached at any time.